Strategic partnership between the international partners
FORENV has experienced design and engineering teams with more than 10 years of professional experiences, sound post-sales services in water/air/soil pollution control, energy saving, and emission reduction and other industries.
  • Shanghai
    Shanghai:Henkel Shanghai chemical sludge drying project 1T/D.
  • Anhui
    Anhui :Shan Ying Paper SBR system retrofit project. The water treatment scale of Shan Ying Paper SBR system retrofit project is 40000 tons per day and the oxygen supply ability is 2400 kg/hr(SORT).
  • Shandong
    Shandong:Project control and video monitoring system of the second phase project of Taozi Bay wastewater treatment plant in Yantai City. The project is the first semi underground wastewater treatment plant in China using MBR technology, the scale of wastewater treatment is 150 thousand m3/d and reclaimed water treatment 40 thousand m3/d.
  • Jiangsu
    Jiangsu:Novartis Pharmaceuticals chemical sludge drying project 4T/D.
  • Zhejiang
    Zhejiang:Medical wastewater treatment system for Women and children's Hospital of Ningbo(1300CMD). It is one of the earliest demonstration projects using MBR plus UV disinfection technology on large scale instead of chlorine disinfection technology. There is a complete and detailed daily operation data of the system owing to its stable operation of nearly 6 years.
  • Guangdong
    Guangdong:Shenzhen electronics factory wastewater reuse project(8000CMD). The designed processing capacity of the project is 15000 tons per day, of which the first phase of the project treat 8000 tons of wastewater a day using semi underground MBR as the core technology.
  • America
    America:Perrigo chemical sludge drying project 4T/D.
  • Mexico
    Mexico:Chemical plant high COD & high salinity wastewater treatment project in Mexico(53000GPD). This project improves overall RO recovery from 85% to 93% by using electrodialysis reversal (EDR) with advanced oxidation pretreatment (ozone and biologically-activated filtration [BAF]).
  • Guizhou
    Guizhou:Guiyang municipal sludge drying project 20T/D.
  • Taiwan
    Taiwan:GCE heavy-metal sludge drying project 8T/D.
  • Japan
    Japan:MOKA aluminium sludge drying project 4T/D.
  • South Korea
    South Korea:Daegu municipal sludge drying project 185T/D.
  • Malaysia
    Malaysia:Petronas oily sludge drying project 120T/D.
  • Saudi Arabia
    Saudi Arabia:Dawadmi municipal sludge drying project 15T/D.
  • Australia
    Australia:AVR plant sludge drying project 6T/D.
  • Spain
    Spain:Bekaert plant sludge drying project 6T/D.
  • Poland
    Poland:Gryfino municipal sludge drying project 12T/D.
  • Germany
    Germany:Degussa chemical sludge drying project 2T/D.
  • UK
    UK:Carmarthenshire municipal sludge drying project 24T/D.
  • Norway
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