Zero Liquid Discharge (ZLD) refers to the activity which infinite reduce emissions of pollutants and energy until zero: namely use clean production, 3R (reduce, reuse, recycle) technology and ecological industry technology etc., to achieve full circulation of natural resources utilization, so as not to left any waste to air, water and soil.

Forenv’s zero emission technology roadmap

1.Biochemical treatment

To remove suspended impurities, COD and other substances through physical and chemical, anaerobic, aerobic and other ways, to prepare for membrane filtration.

2.Membrane filtration

Usually take the UF + RO double membrane method for water reuse, remove the pollutants in the water in depth, concentrate the salt and access the reuse water.

3.Evaporation and crystallization

Using the international advanced MVR evaporation technology, evaporate and crystallize the concentrated water filtered by membrane, recover the salt and achieve the effect of zero emissions.

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