Water pollution prevention action plan (10 water plans)

The Plan demands that by 2020, the Yangtze River, the Yellow River, the Pearl River, Songhua River, Huaihe, Haihe, Liaohe River and other seven key river basin water quality should approach more than 70% excellent (reaching or better than Class III), the prefecture level cities and above cities should control the black odor water in less than 10% of all built areas. By 2030, the national seven key river basin water quality excellent proportion should reach 75% or above, the urban built-up area should get rid of black odor water body in general, more than 95% of the source water of urban centralized drinking water quality should reach or better than Class III.   

the Sate Council

April 16, 2015

Forenv undertakes the urban sewage interception and black river, the rural black and smelly river and large water areas, our priority is to cut the pollution and then carry out treatment measures. If the area is not able to cut the pollution completely or incompletely, we will take effective technology to deal with it. Our aim is to solve the black and smelly river problem, and enhance the transparency height of water at least 20-80 cm, improve the inferior class V water quality, enhance the main indexes to water surface water class IV or class III water standard.

Efficient drug and agents

River ecological restoration agent

Natural organic compound biological agent containing various bacteria and enzyme preparation, and combining with the natural active compound of non ionic surface active agent and protein and inorganic nutrient. Rely mainly on microbial and enzyme interaction, stimulate indigenous microbial activity. With the effective degradation of COD & N & P, the black odor phenomenon of water can be rapidly eliminated.

River silt stabilized curing agent

An inorganic compound agent used as a new inorganic gel curing agent, which is prepared by magnesium salt compound inorganic material, coagulant, water proofing agent, heavy metal adsorbent and so on. Silt solidification and stabilization will be done in a short term, no need to pull out to dry after mixed, so as to largely reduce the impact on the environment and the surrounding air.

Water sediment improvement agent 

The process of oxidation and decomposition of organic matter does not produce harmful substances, which leads to our advantages of fast oxidative decomposition rate, strong ability of heavy metal stabilization and biological degradation. It is a new kind of water sediment improvement agent, which has no pollution to aquatic animals and plants, and can be used in a wide range of pH value environment.
                                                                                                                                   Black odor River pretreatment agent

It is a composite treatment agent, which is a biological adsorbent extracted from the root of the Korean pine forest compounded with phosphate, magnesium salt and heavy metal chelating agent. It can greatly degrade the harmful substances in the river, such as suspended solids, ammonia, COD, heavy metals, etc., to reduce the pressure on the follow-up ecological management.
                                                                           Integrated water purification equipment

Ship device for river management 

This is Forenv’s core patent. It can continue to effectively repair water through the embedded bacteria packing which has powerful biochemical treatment ability limited in the net cage that made up with stainless steel screen with appropriate size of mesh, combined with jet aeration device of the pump to import and export sewage from the net cage.

1 ship body 2; air compressor; 3 self-suction pump; 4 jet aeration pipe; 5 jet aeration pipe;           6 jet aeration head; 7 embedding bacteria packing; 8. No. 304 stainless steel filter box; 9 stranded / wrecked induction device.

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