Noah's Ark is an innovative solution provided by FORENV aiming at depth reduction of industrial hazardous waste sludge. High efficiency heat pump is used as core device for dehumidification for more than ten years of research and development and stable operation test. The machine is designed to be completely sealed to prevent the exhaust gas and other secondary pollution. The machine adopts integrated structure with small footprint which contributes to plug and play. The system runs stable with low noise.


The retained moisture in the sludge after conventional mechanical dehydration is mainly existing in the form of surface water, interstitial water and capillary water which are hard to be further dehydrated by mechanical means. Noah's Ark chose dehumidifying heat pump to dry the wet sludge through condensation dehumidification and hot air circulation so that the wet sludge will be reduced in depth. The dehumidifying heat pump is a device that make use of the refrigeration system to cool and dehydrate the hot humid air, while recovering air moisture to collect latent heat of condensation and heating air by heat pump.

There are three series of Noah's Ark:

Noah's Ark has spme obvious advantages:

(1) The equipment runs in the low temperature area, the whole machine COP is above 2, the whole energy saving effect is obvious;

(2)The equipment adopts the electricity power to complete the drying process, it does not need high temperature heat source so that our clients can reduce the natural gas combustion furnace, the steam boiler and other heat source generating devices;

(3) Air circulates in the equipment, no subsequent dust removal, VOC separating and other equipment;

(4) Single machine, modularized assembly mode, no need for complex engineering;

(5)The material in the net belt is in static transmission, the contact surface abrasion is small;

(6) The application condition inside the equipment is mild and the service life of components are long;

(7) The equipment is easy to start and stop which provides flexible operation ability.

Noah's Ark is a product with high cost performance, it not only reduced the amount of hazardous waste sludge outsourcing disposal and the pressure on the environment by a large scale, but also help save the cost of environmental protection while enhance the green corporate image by saving millions of dollars of outsourcing disposal cost per year for enterprises.

Noah's Ark® compared with other sludge reduction device:

Noah's Ark® compared with similar products in the market:

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