Forenv will supervise and manage the whole process of design work (early stage, design stage, construction stage, testing stage) according to the customer's technical requirements and construction requirements, in accordance with the requirements of the "three control (quality, investment and schedule control), two management (information and contract management) and one coordination", double check and review the design documents of each stage, correct the deviation and error, put forward the optimization suggestion, and issue the consultation report.

The early stage of consultation: Forenv’s Design Institute has perfect consulting and design relevant qualifications. We can provide all kinds of water treatment project preliminary technical consulting using our rich experience and various proprietary technology, we can also provide multiple optimization solutions for our customers to decide, and provide related budget of the solution.

Design phase: Forenv will help customers to select suppliers using our influence and visibility, and provide professional advice and recommendations. At the design stage, we will control and confirm the design content in a sound and professional way, and real-time control the design progress. We will manage the design process at any time according to the final project objectives and record and monitor every step using the engineering project management system.

Construction phase: Forenv will perfectly control the construction quality in accordance with related national and industrial standards, make places that the owners can’t see as perfect as where they can and eliminate all security risks. We will also control the construction schedule according to the general progress goal at any time, and hold regular project meetings to report the current situation to owners, and help the owners to solve various problems occurred in the construction.

Production test: Forenv is experienced in the environment protection industry, has actual project experiences in debugging and running of many kinds of wastewater treatment and reuse process, and has various industry's engineers that can help the owner to confirm all kinds of problems in debugging and provide technical advice, or commissioned by the owners of the project to directly perform the project commissioning work.


Forenv has our own R & D center. All kinds of conventional and non-conventional water quality analysis can be conducted by us or test by the third party we entrusted. Laboratory with constant temperature box, centrifuge, ion chromatography sterile operating equipment, and many other advanced experimental equipment can carry out various types of research and development and experimental work. We have 500m2 test workshop which can carry out all kinds of pilot test. Guided by customers on the responsible attitude, we will pass the test for most of the projects and select the most suitable technology and optimize the parameters of the program.

Forenv design institute has the design team of 50 people and various qualification in survey, design and engineering installation. We have general contracting grade A qualification which makes our customers feel assured.

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Relevant qualification of Forenv’s Design and Research Institute 

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