1、Ship device for river management(core patent)

It can continue to effectively repair water through the embedded bacteria packing which has powerful biochemical treatment ability limited in the net cage that made up with stainless steel screen with appropriate size of mesh, combined with jet aeration device of the pump to import and export sewage from the net cage.

1 ship body; 2 air compressor; 3 self-suction pump; 4 jet aeration pipe; 5 jet aeration pipe;6 jet aeration head; 7 embedding bacteria packing; 8. No. 304 stainless steel filter box; 9 stranded / wrecked induction device.

Technical feature

Large management scope, convenient in movement, strong flexibility;

Can be fill oxygen to deep water and stir it;

A large variety of microbial flora can be concentrated in the aggregate, which can enhance the biochemical treatment ability of the river;

The packing material is rather hard to be washed away, which avoids the pollution of contaminated microorganisms to the river water;

Simple structure, low operating cost.

2、Vortex energy fast rotating mixer system

Make full use of the agents and save the chemical dosage by fast and efficient mixing of sewage and treatment agents, avoid partial excessive dosing, maximize effectiveness.

3、Efficient drugs

River ecological restoration agent

Natural organic compound biological agent containing various bacteria and enzyme preparation, and combining with the natural active compound of non ionic surface active agent and protein and inorganic nutrient. Rely mainly on microbial and enzyme interaction, stimulate indigenous microbial activity. With the effective degradation of COD & N & P, the black odor phenomenon of water can be rapidly eliminated.

River silt stabilized curing agent

An inorganic compound agent used as a new inorganic gel curing agent, which is prepared by magnesium salt compound inorganic material, coagulant, water proofing agent, heavy metal adsorbent and so on. Silt solidification and stabilization will be done in a short term, no need to pull out to dry after mixed, so as to largely reduce the impact on the environment and the surrounding air.

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