Detection and energy conservation is Forenv’s foothold in the development. We currently combined large amount of resources and determined to be the energy saving champion in the equipment and technology of environmental protection field.

1. Realize remote monitoring and third party online monitoring through intelligent control and dynamic control. Adjust process parameters automatically according to the water quality, so as to maximize the reduction of water usage, electricity cost and labor management cost.

2. Using the most advanced fluid simulation software (COMSOL/ANSYS), the internal water flow field in structures are simulated, the optimized design of geometry mechanism is achieved and energy loss of fluid in the system is minimized. Using Eulerian multiphase flow model to simulate the dynamic work process of sedimentation tank, combined with control system to achieve the intelligent, accurate and intelligent of process.

3. Using three dimensional visual graphic design to achieve the most reasonable pipeline layout, reduce pipeline losses and reduce the energy consumption of the pump.

4. Biochemical treatment system using jet aeration and embedding bacteria packing. The jet aeration device has low maintenance cost, long lasting stability of gas dissolve efficiency (can last more than ten years) and good effect on water body stirring. Through the porous structure of the gel, the various bacteria packing can be embedded in the same structure which enables fast start and stable treatment effect, and can effectively solve the problem of sludge expansion and so on. Combined with the jet aeration technology, the inside of the embedding bacteria packing can form an “anaerobic/ facultative aerobic/ aerobic” multi-stage reaction gradient from inner to outer.

5. Achieve energy saving by using the system residual heat and pressure.           

(1) Achieve the objective of water refill and boiler preheat through heating the outcome water by the residual heat of the income water;           

(2) Recover the residual pressure of RO(DTRO) membrane system through pressure exchange.

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