CCTV HSLJ Program producers visited Forenv

The producers of CCTV HSLJ Program visited Forenv on Apr 6, they interviewed Forenv and kept shooting for one day.

A week ago, Doctor Li, the responsible person of Forenv was invited to CCTV HSLJ program’s topic select meeting in Shanghai. He participated actively in the preliminary examination of "Chinese entrepreneurs’ joint development plan", and was interviewed by the host.

"Chinese entrepreneurs’ joint development plan" is launched by the State Council Information Office - China Internet News Center, the CCTV discovery tour, China Network and other authoritative media organizations. The plan abides general secretary Mr. Xi Jinping’s instructions of the three changes, which is to promote “made in China to created in China” change, “China speed to Chinese quality” change, “Chinese products to Chinese brands” change, and strive to give Chinese companies a platform to share experience, wisdom and achievement of business running in creating, quality, brand and other areas, and record the building of Chinese brands and the comprehensive display of Chinese brands and entrepreneur’s image through the HSLJ program of CCTV discovery channel, so as to make excellent enterprises able to share the achievements and experiences in the development, to make developing enterprises able to show their potential and confidence, in result more local enterprises was promoted to nationally well-known and the Chinese Dream was realized by the enterprises’ joint force.

In the collection of outstanding SMEs, key criteria for finalists goes to enterprise’s industry representatives, differentiated attribute and positive energy transfer properties. Forenv’s outstanding performance in the preliminary examination showed itself from more than 20 small and medium-sized enterprises and become one of three enterprises that was selected by the program.


Today, the CCTV program producers learned Forenv's entrepreneurial philosophy and core culture in-depth, and interviewed some of the employees.

Forenv is a professional environmental protection enterprises committed to industrial wastewater reuse treatment. Our work is strongly supported by the nation. We mastered the international leading level of patent technology through independent research and development, and we applied the technologies in various fields of chemical wastewater which lead to considerable influence in the industry.


Dr. Li Heng thinks that the extensive type of development in environmental protection industry in the early stage must be broken, industry under the new situation call for professional services that is able to enhance added value and technology competitiveness while reduce the waste of resources, what we ought to do is to integrate the professional companies in the environmental industry through the establishment of the technical platform and make the environmental protection industry bigger and stronger, more specialized and more professional together!

"Return the beautiful scenery to us using two shovels" is the greatest thought of CCTV director group after visiting Forenv. Entrepreneurial process is hard, but to be able to stick to their original intention and achieve their ideals with a group of like-minded people together is the greatest luck. After the interview, the director Mr. Chen wish Forenv become a worldwide brand to show itself abroad on behalf of Chinese manufacture in the future!

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