Sales Manager / Key Client Manager Wanted

Main job duties
1. Responsible for customer development and management, collect feedback market information, promote products and technical solutions

2. Familiar with the company's business technical background and project process, can solve the customer's general problems (including general technical problems). Follow up and deal with customer feedback in a timely manner, conduct regular visits to key customers and maintain customer relationship.

3. The development and implementation of sales plans and objectives, looking for market opportunities, to maximize the efficiency of marketing

4. Arrange and coordinate the individual service, coordination timely and effectively with the technical department about technical services related matters

5. Be able to find out the problems in the actual work, put forward reasonable suggestions and solve problems

6. Proficient in the preparation and operation process of commercial bidding documents

7. High market sensitivity, good at find out new market opportunities at work

Job Requirement:

1. Entrepreneurial spirit & responsibility

2. College degree or above, engineering background preferred

3. Over 1 year working experience in sales is preferred

4. Initiative, planning and execution ability

5. Strong problem solving skills, able to withstand pressure

6. Outgoing & decent speech & good at communication & high EQ

7. Have a driver's license, agree to travel on business

8. men and women are not limited


Contact us:

1. Forenv’s official WeChat public number: Forenv(You can send a message to the backend to start a private chat with the editor)

2. Contact number: 021-51950828

3. Contact address:

4. Our address: Room 201-202, No. 7755 Zhongchun Road, Minhang District, Shanghai, China


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